The story looked absolutely phenomenal.  As it aired I was sent several messages about how nice the B-Roll looked.  Great work, and if we ever come back to Jacksonville, you better be available.                     -Brian W. / Bloomberg TV The edit went well and the piece turned out great.  In fact, a number of people asked me who shot it...and our executive producers told me it was “beautifully shot!”                                     -Kelly J. / Harpo Producer was very happy with the video.  It looked great.  Way to go with the DVCam time lapse video.         -Michael M. / Channel 1 News Just a note to express my sincere thanks for helping to make this one of the best live courses ever.  I certainly could not have done this without all of your help, so I thank you for everything.                               -Billy A. / Mayo Clinic
I wanted to pass along some high praise for Steve McMillan for the shoot he did for us on Tuesday.  Going into the shoot, I had been told that there would be severe restrictions on what he would be allowed to shoot, so I called Steve to alert him.  As it turned out, once on site he was able to get all the shots and more that we need to tell the story. It’s much better than I expected.                                                                                     - Sara H. / Wachovia           
The work you did was great as usual.  The folks up in Rochester were very impressed.  Again, thank you for all the great work you do for us.                      -Kevin P. / Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Steve is a consummate professional with years of top drawer experience.  He makes an effort to understand client needs and makes each shoot a success.  His insights have contributed to the success of many of our projects.                -Alan G / Sungard Corbel
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